118 Movie Review Rating, A Brilliant Kalyan Ram Makes This Thriller A Treat For Nandamuri Fans

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Star Cast: Kalyan Ram, Nivetha Thomas, Shalini Pandey

Director: KV Guhan

Actor Kalyan Ram is arguably one of the most talented young stars in the Telugu film industry today. However, the Nandamuri hero has not really been able to reach his full potential yet as most of his films have not fared as well as expected. Last year, he tasted success with MLA but failed to hit the right notes with Naa Nuvve. With the year of mixed fortunes behind him, Kalyan Ram is back with 118 which hit screens today(March 1, 2019). The film is one of the big releases on the month and has created a good deal of buzz amongst fans.

So, did it live up to the hype? Read the 118 movie review to find out.



118, touted to be an action-thriller, revolves around the unexpected events that unfold when a TV journalist undertakes a dangerous investigation which proves to be more challenging than expected.

Screenplay And Direction

Cinematographer-turned-director KV Guhan has done a fairly good job with 118 and proved his mettle. The film manages to click with the fans owing to its crisp and engaging screenplay which relies on ‘showing’ rather ‘telling’. Barring a few scenes, the film does not drag and this is the hallmark of a captivating thriller.

The scenes involving Kalyan Ram and Shalini Pandey have come out well. Similarly, a few of the action/chase sequences too manage to make an impact. However, the flashback scene– which has an emotional touch– could have been executed better.


Kalyan Ram carries off the challenging role with utmost ease and proves that he has grown as a performer. Everything about his performance-right from his stylish look to his impressive body language– is simply awesome. Nivetha Thomas, who plays an important role in 118, is quite good. Shalini Pandey too essays her part her role with full sincerity.

Technical Aspects

The cinematography is top notch and adds a new dimension to the viewing experience by enhancing the impact of the action sequences. The background music too gels well with the on-screen action. The songs are hummable with Chandamama being the pick of the lot.


Kalyan Ram’s Performance

Background Score

Riveting Screenplay

Solid First Half


Flashback Scene

Might Not Click With The Masses


118 is a captivating thriller that manages to strike the right notes. It should click with Nandamuri fans.

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