90 ML Movie Review Rating, This Oviya Starrer Lacks Depth

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In 2017, actress Oviya became the sweetheart of Tamil Nadu when she impressed all and sundry with her bold antics on Bigg Boss Tamil. She also grabbed eyeballs because of her turbulent romantic relationship with Aarav. In fact, such was the craze surrounding the young diva that ‘Oviya Army’ became one of the biggest trends on social media. Now, nearly two years after Bigg Boss Tamil, Oviya back in the limelight with her adult-comedy 90 ML. The film, directed by Anitha Udeep, is touted to be quite a bold affair and this has helped it grab a great deal of attention.

So, did 90 ML live up to expectations?

90 ML


90 ML revolves around how a few girls, who are bored with life, embrace a bold new lifestyle when they become friends with a feisty young lady. The rest of the film revolves around how their bond grows stronger when they begin sharing their most intimate secrets with each other.

Screenplay And Direction

The raunchy promos had created the impression that 90 ML would be a ‘local’ version of the Bollywood hit Veere Di Wedding. However, the reality is a bit different. The film does have a fair deal of raunchy scenes but none of the jokes are outright vulgar or crass. Moreover, it tries to convey a message and this helps it get an edge over other films belonging to the adult-comedy genre.

While 90 ML gets the aesthetics right, it fails to make the desired impact because of the wafer-thin plot and ordinary screenplay. Most of the scenes tend to drag and this acts as a big distraction. Barring a few witty one-liners, most of the punches are pretty mundane. The lack of an emotional connect makes things even worse.


Oviya manages to carry off her role with confidence and is undoubtedly the scene-stealer of 90 ML. Her bindass body language and innocent yet naughty looks add a new dimension to her act, upping its recall value in a big way. Her entry scene is likely to click with her fans.

The other actresses are decent and support Oviya pretty well.
Technical Aspects

STR has done a fairly good job as music composer as his tunes enhance the impact of the onscreen raunchiness big time. However, the editing is lacklustre as several scenes tend to drag. The camera work and other technical aspects have been handled ably.


Oviya’s Bold Performance

STR’s Cameo


Flimsy Storyline

Weak Screenplay



90 ML had the potential to redefine the tenets of Tamil cinema. However, it fails to make an impact as it lacks depth and an emotional connect.

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