Anushka Sharma: I Have A Comfortable Career, I Don’t Need To Sign Films Just To Fill Up Time

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Anushka Sharma has starred with all the top three Khans of Bollywood and all of them were superhits at the box office. The actress has come a long way and enjoyed a career which others can only dream of. Anushka opened up by saying that she’s reached a point in her career where she’s comfortable and doesn’t have to sign films simply to fill up time.

In One Calendar Year, I've Starred In Demanding Films!

In One Calendar Year, I’ve Starred In Demanding Films!

“In the past three years, I have been working in a fashion which was very hectic and have done roles which were extremely demanding. In one calendar year to do a film like Pari, Sui Dhaaga and Zero, it’s not easy and takes a toll on you,” said Anushka Sharma to HT.

I Don't Need To Sign Films Just To Fill Up Time!

I Don’t Need To Sign Films Just To Fill Up Time!

”All are different, and required a lot of prep. You feel you want to sit back and take a call. I think I have reached that position and security as an actor in my career, where I don’t need to do things or sign films just because I have to fill up time,” she said.

Now I Produce Movies & Act Too!

Now I Produce Movies & Act Too!

”Being a producer, I anyway have my hands full, we are doing some interesting work. We have been producing shows for streaming platforms, a film too. Those are things that also require my time, and in my case, it’s very different. I am an actor at the same time. There are things that I do behind the scenes, which obviously people are not going to be privy to.”

I'm Satisfied With The Work I've Done!

I’m Satisfied With The Work I’ve Done!

“I want to be able to focus on that. I also want to be able to look back and see what I have done. I am satisfied with the work I have done. I have always been like that, picky with the work I have done. I have chosen different kinds of movies and roles for myself,” she summed it up.

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