Bigg Boss Telugu Fame Tanish & TV 5 Murthy’s Open Challenge Against Kaushal | tanish About Kaushal | TV 5 Murthy About Kaushal

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The contestants of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 are back in the news. Most recently, Bigg Boss winner Kaushal had responded to the allegations made by some of his fans in the Kaushal Army. In a press meet, he claimed that the allegations of the army aren’t true and he reportedly, even went on to allege that Taneesh, TV5 Murthy and Babu Bogineni have joined hands against him.

Meanwhile, TV Anchor Murthy has reportedly come up with an open challenge against Kaushal. While standing firm about the allegations, he has reportedly challenged Kaushal for an open debate and has also mentioned that if he proves that the recent allegations are wrong he would quit his journalism career.

Bigg Boss Telugu Fame Tanish & TV 5 Murthys Open Challenge Against Kaushals Allegations!

On the other hand, Tanish, one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu, has also come up with his response amidst the ongoing issue during the TV5 show. Commenting about the recent allegations by Kaushal, he mentioned that it is for the first time that he is meeting TV5 Murthy. Reportedly, he also pointed out that he has never spoken wrong about Kaushal but on the other hand Kaushal has always spoken badly about him. He also asked why Kaushal is dragging him amidst the issues between Kaushal and his fans. If reports are to be believed, he also mentioned that he is also planning to file a defamation case against Kaushal.

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