Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Winner Kaushal Manda Hits Out At His Own Fans With This Brutal Post

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Last year, the much-loved Kaushal Manda became the talk of the town when he took part in the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 and won hearts owing to his bold nature. The love of the ‘Kaushal Army’ helped the heartthrob overcome the odds and win the show. Recently, Kaushal found himself in a difficult situation when a few fans turned on him and made some harsh comments about his behaviour.

Now, Kaushal has addressed his detractors. In a hard-hitting post, he said that he does not have time for ‘senseless allegations’ as they might pull him down.

“The allegations passed are senseless and I don’t even have to prove them to be wrong. I haven’t got all the time for bullshit and if I keep answering to every judgement passed, the people will keep trying to bring me down,” he added.


He went on to say that the allegations made by a few people cannot tarnish his image. He also made it clear that Bigg Boss is what made him a star and he is grateful to it.

“What I’m at the Big Boss house is what I’m and that would be me regardless of any circumstance. Just a few people talking against could never bring me down,” said Kaushal.

These are some strong remarks which might ruffle a few feathers. Let us wait and watch how the ‘Kaushal Army’ reacts to the outburst.

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