Kajal Aggarwal Gets Trolled By Her Fans For A Shocking Reason | Kajal Aggarwal New Photo gets Trolled

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Kajal Aggarwal’s popularity has no bounds and she has been a very prominent presence in the South Indian film industry since the past decade. That isn’t an easy task to achieve and it should sum up her popularity. Ever since the advent of social media, celebrities are always in the radar of the fans and they get the chance to interact with them. Many a time, we have seen celebrities getting trolled for various reasons. Now, Kajal Aggarwal, who is an active participant on social media was trolled by her own fans for a shocking and surprising reason. Read to know full details regarding this.

Her Instagram Page

Her Instagram Page

Kajal Aggarwal is indeed extremely active on Instagram. Recently, she crossed a milestone with the total number of followers going past the 10 Million mark. Now, she is one among the most followed South Indian celebrities on Instagram.

She Tried Something New

She Tried Something New

Recently, Kajal Aggarwal did try something new on her Instagram page by sending out pictures as a grid post. Through this feature, she had sent out a good number of pictures, which by together will appear as a single photo.

Didn't Go Down Well With Fans

Didn’t Go Down Well With Fans

However, it seems like the experiment that she opted for didn’t receive good reactions from fans. The fans who were probably unaware of the feature, came up with various troll comments on each of the images.

Good Number Of Likes

It seems like the picture is from one of the recent photoshoots of the actress. Despite the troll comments from a few, the various posts in the grid picture have been getting a good number of likes on Instagram. The actress also posted another photo from the photo shoot, which also has got a good number of likes.

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