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In 2018, women from Bollywood finally found the courage to come out with their #MeToo stories. It started when Tanushree Dutta alleged that Nana Patekar misbehaved with her during the shooting of Horn Ok Please. After the allegations, Nana was removed from the cast of Housefull 2. Not just him, even Sajid Khan was kicked out of the film owing to sexual harassment charges against him. Kriti Sanon, who is playing the female lead in the movie, recently talked about the developments thereafter.

She told a leading daily, “I think we all were, at that point, disturbed, angry and shocked. And, at the same time, we were glad that at least there was some talk and people were coming out. But, every day, we were waking up to some 10 #MeToo stories. Being a woman, it is disturbing and I know how much guts it takes for anybody to come and talk in the open.”

Kriti Sanon On #MeToo

“The producer Sajid Nadiadwala handled it very well. The shooting was stopped only for two days and we were back on track. So much had changed but the film was intact and he made sure he was on sets every day and he took out a lot of money from his own pocket. There were parts that needed to be reshot and he took the call to do all of that even though it was not his fault. Being a responsible producer, he handled it really well,” she added

The actress feels that after the #MeeToo movement, people will think twice before harassing anyone, “The #MeToo movement has brought in the fear where people are cautious and they have this fear that ‘if I do something wrong, I will not be able to get away with it’. We needed this and there might not be a lot of developments in terms of legality but I am glad it has opened up conversations.”

Talking about live-in relationship, the theme on which her next movie Luka Chuppi is based, she said, ”I really believe in the institution of marriage but I don’t judge when someone wants to go for a live-in. You want to be sure before you commit marriage to someone. It helps to see the compatibility or to know that person better. So, it’s okay! For me, even if I ever think of a live-in, it will be leading to marriage. Also, I am okay not being in a live-in and directly going for marriage.”

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