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Thadam, the film that has promised to be a fine thriller, has come out in the theatres now. The Arun Vijay starrer, which has been directed by Magizh Thirumeni, has already won a whole lot of praises upon the completion of the special premiere shows that it has had. Director Magizh Thirumeni and Arun Vijay are teaming up for a film after their highly acclaimed movie Thadayara Thaaka, which was an action thriller with a difference. Hence, the expectations on Thadam too are bound to be on the higher side.

Thadam Twitter Review: Here’s What The Audiences Feel About The Arun Vijay Movie!

The trailer and the sneak peek videos have been mighty impressive and Arun Vijay, who is known for the selection of quality scripts has seemed to have hit the bulls-eye yet again. Reportedly, Arun Vijay will be seen in dual roles in this movie. Along with Arun Vijay, Thadam also features actors like Smrithi Venkat, Tanya Hope, Vidya Pradeep, Sonia Agarwal, Yogi Babu etc., in important roles.

Thadam has been released in a good number of screens inside and outside Tamil Nadu region. The social media is sure to be filled with reviews in connection with Thadam. Has Thadam lived up to the expectations surrounding it? Take a look at what the Twitteratis have got to say about Thadam.

Good Suspense

Thadam has been tagged as a whodunit thriller and it seems like the suspense factor has worked out well. Here is a tweet praising the suspense factor of the movie.

After Thadayara Thakka

Thadayara Thaaka was the previous film of Arun Vijay-Magizh Thirumeni team. Now, here is a tweet which suggests that Thadam has recreated Thadayara Thaaka magic.

Amazing Movie

Thadam continues to fetch good reports from various quarters. Here’s a tweet praising the movie as well as the script selection ability of Arun Vijay.

A Good Thriller

Here is a tweet in which it has been mentioned that Thadam is a well-made thriller. Praises are there for the performance of Arun Vijay in the dual roles as well.

Arun Vijay’s Performance

Arun Vijay’s performance in Thadam continues to receive praises. Here is a tweet praising the actor’s scintillating performance in dual roles.

An Amazing Thriller?

Here is a tweet regarding Thadam in which it has been mentioned that the movie is a magnificent thriller. There are praises for the execution of the film, the twists and turns and the performance of Arun Vijay.

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