Thadi Balaji And Nithya Relationship Takes Another Nasty Turn, Details Inside

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The mercurial Thadi Balaji, one of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2, is back in the limelight for a shocking reason. During a recent press conference, he spoke about his strained relationship with Nithya and made a few shocking claims about his estranged wife. In his emotional speech, he said that Nithya is being influenced by her ex-boyfriend and a cop. As a result, she is not behaving properly and this has become a cause of worry for him. While speaking about his daughter, he said that Nithya’s attitude might have a bad impact on her future.

Recalling how Kamal Haasan had once told him to respect Nithya’s choice and behave with dignity, Thadi Balaji added that he is still following the veteran actor’s advice to the T.

Thadi Balaji

In case you did know Thadi Balaji and Nithya got married nearly nine years ago and added a new dimension to their relationship. While things seemed fine initially, the relationship collapsed a short while later as Nithya accused her husband of physically assaulting her. Responding to these allegations, Thadi Balaji claimed that Nithya was having an affair with a guy who wanted to release her ‘intimate photos’.

With their relationship on its last legs, the two entered Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. Barring a few instances, they managed maturely on the show and maintained a safe distance. When the show ended, many thought that their relationship would improve. However, judging by Thadi Balaji’s recent comments, the reality seems to be quite different.

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