When Nagarjuna Admitted That He Is Corrupt And Has Paid Bribes

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There’s no denying that veteran actor Nagarjuna is one of the most popular and respected stars in the Telugu film industry. A competent performance, ‘King’ enjoys a strong fan following owing to his macho looks, charming personality, awesome screen presence and down-to-earth nature. During what has been an enviable career, he has starred in several commercially and critically-acclaimed films and this has helped him prove that he is a synonym for success. A few years ago, the Criminal actor had appeared on Lakshmi Manchu’s chat show and spoken about his personal life.

Nagarjuna About His Negative Traits

Nagarjuna About His Negative Traits

When Lakshmi Manchu asked Nags to list his biggest virtues, he said that he finds his negative traits to be more compelling than his virtues and took everyone by surprise On being asked to list his negative traits, he said that he is short-tempered and often ‘loses it’

'I Am Corrupt’

‘I Am Corrupt’

Nags added that he is a corrupt person and ‘can’t help it’. He also hinted that he has paid bribes and indulged in other illicit activities.

“I am Corrupt. Some kind of corruption is creeping into my life like paying bribe. I hate it but I have no choice,”he added.

Nags About Corruption In Tollywood

Nags About Corruption In Tollywood

Commenting on corruption in the film industry, the Mass star said that it is not that rampant. Elaborating on this, he said that if a film is not good nobody will watch it even if they are paid money/bribes to do so. Nagarjuna, however, added that producers might sometimes pay bribes to get a particular hero’s dates.

His Exact Words

His Exact Words

“The corruption in the film is small scale when compared to the outside world. After seeing this, my respect for the film industry has increased.”

On The Work front

On The Work front

On the profession side of things, Nagarjuna was last seen in the gangster-comedy Devadas which did not do as well as expected. At present, he is awaiting the release of the Bolywood biggie Brahmastra which has Ranbir Kapoor in the lead. He is also al set to begin work on Manmadhudu 2.

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